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FiveM Racing System


  • Standalone / ESX / QBCORE (All version)
  • Server Artifacts version must be 5848 or higher.
  • Game build must be 2189 or higher. 

    Make sure to:
  • Server license key must be owned by the same account which you make the tebex purchase from.
  • Restart server to gain access to the resource in-game.


  • You can set up easily unique races with this script.
  • You can create endless amounts of race tracks.
  • The whole menu is synchronized for every players. (For example: You see immedietly if someone create a party.)
  • Menu: Good for all screen sizes (1280×720, 1440×900, 1600×900, 1920×1080, etc.)
  • Easy menu translate.
  • Admin commands. (kick player from party, clear party, show party names)
  • Players can choose which vehicle the want to race with. (Choose from wich you previously set in the config.)
  • Players can set entrance fees. (After the race the winner get all the money.)You can turn is off in the config.)
  • Every menu color / checkpoint color, size / blips are configurable per track.
  • Who created the race party, can kick other players from the party, while the party isn’t started.
  • You can set the accessibity to request. (Only that person can join who you accept.)
  • Built in spectate function. (After you finished you can spectate the other players who aren’t finished.
  • The script saves the all time records and the today records per track.
  • You get custom notify if somebody, who is in the same race as you, is finished the race.
  • Unique racer HUD.
  • Info panel. (describe the function to a new player)
  • Fully Optimalised: 0.00-0.03 ms.
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