• Open Source
  • Compatible with ESX.
  • Compatibility with progressbars
  • Compatibility with minigames such as skill-bar
  • Compatibility with target system – ox_target, qb-target etc..
  • Compatibility with menus: esx_menu_default, esx_context, qb-menu, ox_lib.
  • Compatibility with custom question menu for accepting gym pass purchases such as vms_notify.
  • Menu with character statistics.
  • Translation of the script in many languages.
  • The ability to have multiple gyms on the server.
  • The ability to set the gym to work including the ability to set the required pass that can be sold by an employee with the hail set in the work config.
  • Temporary gym memberships built into the script with adjustable expiration times.
  • Many activities at the gym: bench, barbell, dumbbells, pull-ups on a bar, push-ups, running on a treadmill
    • Endurance during exercise dependent on your character’s condition – to increase your character’s condition it requires swimming, running or cycling.
    • To practice this requires pressing a button, it is not automatically done, also you can plug to it, for example, skill-bar.
  • Lack of exercise results in reduced condition and strength over time.
  • Ability to modify running speed and impact strength depending on character stats.
  • Possibility to use marker, 3d text or without these options.
  • The script has 3 available client-side exports
    – addSkill(‘skill_name’, value) => This allows you to increase your skilling with other activities in your other scripts.
    – getSkill(‘skill_name’) => The ability to get a value of how much a player has skil and thus add the ability to be active in other resources when a player has enough stamina or strength, for example.
    – removeSkill(‘skill_name’, value) => This allows you to reduce the skilling with other activities in your other scripts, e.g. eating caloric foods such as burgers etc.
  • Full translation with config.lua & translation.js.
  • You get full support like with all other assets.


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