Advanced Police Job [ESX]

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Advanced Police Job – FiveM Script – ESX
  • Optimized with 0.00ms idle
  • Utilizes state bags
  • Multiple LEO departments(No need for separate scripts for separate police jobs)
  • Full handcuff props and animations
  • Escorting animation
  • Keybinds for arrest(Configurable)
  • Resisting arrest via skill-check
  • Compatible with ox_inventory,  qb-inventory, qs-inventory, and mf_inventory(Code open to incorporate a different inventory)
  • Tackling(Configurable)
  • Job Menu (Configurable)
  • Fine players(Compatible with okokBilling and esx billing OR any billing can be added to open code)
  • Boss menu(Compatible with wasabi_multijob and esx_society)
  • Cloakroom(Compatible with esx_skin and my fork of fivem-appearance OR any skin script can be added to open code)
  • Optional target(qtarget/qb-target/ox_target compatible)
  • Armory(Configurable by job grade)
  • Garage for land & air(Configurable by job grade)
  • Ability to incorporate jail script(See docs)
  • Most if not all of the pre-existing esx_policejob/qb-policejob features
  • EXTREMELY configurable
  • Full replacement for any script that depends on esx_policejob/qb-policejob
  • And more!


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