Advanced Pet System

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Great FiveM Script for your RolePlay server.


  • ESX Legacy version.
  • Open Source like all our Assets.
  • When you adopt your pet, you can decide how fast it will get hungry/thirsty or how you want it to be in terms of gender, age, etc.
  • As your pet grows older, the commands it can execute can be unlocked (**you can do this through configuration or create a command yourself and set the age**)
  • The aging of your pet is time-dependent (**at your discretion**)
  •  You can change the appearance and name of your pet on the card as you wish.
  •  You can tie a string to your pet and make it listen to you when it is not listening to you
  • After a certain level (**determined by you**) you can make certain pets attack a person etc. (**depending on the relationship between you**)
  • Much more..

#FiveM Mods #FiveM Script


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