• Prison, Jail, and Comserv
  • Prison Guard Job
  • Processing Into Jail Cutscene
  • Processing Into Prison Cutscene
  • Prison Tour Guide
  • Smart Cell Checking System
  • Jobs That Remove Time Off Sentence And Allow Players To Steal Items For Crafting
  • Showers For RP Purposes
  • Working Out For RP Purposes
  • Built-In Hospital
  • Food Court So No One Dies Hungry
  • Jail Escaping
  • “Old Man” Ped That Crafts All Items And Teaches How To Break Out
  • Beautiful Discord Logs
  • Police and Admin Jail Menu With Tons Of Features
  • Each Player Has Hidden Inventory Under Bed
  • Solitary For Punishments
  • Jailing, UnJailing, Adding Time, Removing Time, Sending To Solitary, Removing From Solitary, Lockdown Mode, Message All Inmates
  • Compatible With Multiple Notification Sytems
  • Fully Customizable With Configs
  • Area To Show Server Name And Brand Your Server


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