• Compatibility with ESX and QB-Core
  • Compatibility with esx_skin / qb-clothing / fivem-appearance / illenium-appearance
  • Pretty UI design.
  • Barber job to be set in config, many players can have their own barbershop, but this does not exclude the possibility of setting another barbers for NPCs.
  • Price separately for each category. (hairs, beards, eyes)
  • Advanced barber includes the ability to configure how many barbers are be companies of the players and how many by NPCs at one time!
  • Script easy to configure.
  • Automatic detection of addon hairstyles.
  • Synchronized haircutting animations by the player and NPCs.
  • Compatibility with Onesync & OneSync Infinity.
  • 0.00ms resmon outside the interiors.
  • 0.03ms resmon in the course of using the barber.
  • Ability to set required items for employee like hair clipper.
  • Ability to set custom hairstyle name in config.
  • Ability to set TextUI
  • Automatically camera correct detection with switching of 45 degrees of angle.
  • Full JS, Lua translation.


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